A Swiss couple´s journey to build their dream cabin in Norway

In the middle of August, under the bright Norwegian summer sun, we visited Martina and Ernstpeter, a charming Swiss couple who had spent nearly five weeks in Norway.
Coming from Switzerland, they took the ferry to reach their holiday haven—a beautiful cabin on the Southern coast.
Nestled conveniently close to the sea, the cabin provides the ideal setting for an idyllic vacation experience.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by their two daughters, who, along with some friends, were relishing the sunny weather by swimming and stand-up paddleboarding.
This week was special, as it marked the final stretch of their Norwegian holiday before they returned to Switzerland.
Despite this, work had followed them to the cabin, and Ernstpeter took a break to show me around the impressive cabin.
Martina later joined us after a work call.

When I asked them how they discovered Eiken Hytter, they both smiled and recounted that they had begun with a simple Google search on the internet.
They considered several cabin providers in Norway before finding Eiken Hytter.
While they had engaged with multiple contenders, Eiken Hytter stood out by demonstrating exceptional seriousness and dedication right from the outset.

Communication was efficient, and their desires were carefully heard. Where others were constrained to minor adjustments, Eiken Hytter proved flexible and capable of tailoring the cabin to their individual wishes and needs.
The personalized attention and explanations for choices created a deep sense of trust.

They emphasized that investing significant sums into something requires a sense of security, particularly when building in another country with potentially different building practices.

When discussing why they chose Norway as their vacation destination, Ernstpeter smiled and shared his fond memories of salmon fishing here, an opportunity difficult to come by in Switzerland.
They adore the nature, the sea, and the pleasant climate of Norway, especially in the Southern region.

The cabin they have built is not just a holiday getaway but an investment meant to be passed down through generations.

Friends from both Norway and Switzerland have visited them and expressed their admiration for the cabin’s quality.
Quality has always been a core value for Eiken Hytter, and Martina and Ernstpeter noted positively how Eiken Hytter provided them with advice and tips throughout the construction process.
They were even able to save some money by selecting alternative but equivalent materials, and Eiken Hytter was always there with creative solutions.

Even language barriers could be managed, as modern tools like Google Translate made communication smoother.
Most of their communication occurred through email and Microsoft Teams, ensuring seamless interaction despite linguistic differences.
They found it remarkable how technology bridged the gap, enabling them to communicate effectively and efficiently.

They felt that Eiken Hytter was always there to assist throughout the entire journey.
Whether it was clarifying details through email, organizing virtual meetings via Teams, or promptly addressing questions, the team’s dedication to communication was unwavering.

Challenges occasionally arose, such as navigating the process of signing documents with BankID, a unique digital identification system used in Norway.
However, Eiken Hytter’s problem-solving approach came to the rescue. Moreover, their commitment to communication extended beyond digital channels.

A visit to Eiken Hytter’s office provided them with the opportunity to examine samples in person.
During this visit, they were able to immerse themselves in different material options and color selections.
They even took samples back to Switzerland, a decision that proved invaluable in making informed choices.
This personal touch allowed them to visualize their decisions and added a level of comfort to the decision-making process.
From virtual meetings to physical sample assessments, Eiken Hytter’s approach to communication became a cornerstone of their positive experience

When I inquired whether they would recommend others to buy a cabin from abroad through Eiken Hytter, their response was clear and resounding: «Yes, absolutely!» They are extremely pleased with the outcome, the cabin’s quality, communication, and all the assistance they received along the way. They felt safe and well looked after throughout the process. For them, Eiken Hytter was the natural choice, and without a doubt, they would choose Eiken Hytter again if they were to build anew.